About Us

Welcome to Ip Centre

IP Centre is a Ugandan IP Organization that specializes in intellectual property service offerings as: IP advocacy, IP Training and awareness, as we serve diverse stakeholders (from rights holders to enforcement through to regulators) in the IP Cluster through IP portfolio audits, and deliver services in IP transaction to ensure IP Rights holders can be able to capture the value of their intangible assets.


Our Values

Quality Service | Innovations Protected | Authentic Client Satisfaction| Win together

Our Mission

To produce excellent services in the field of Intellectual Property, and Consultancy services with maximum efforts driven towards client satisfaction.

Ip Centre Vision

To become one of the most innovative Intellectual Property Advisory Services and Related Value Added Services in Uganda and the East African region.

Our Story

IP Centre undertook a study to profile the creative economy in Uganda and realised both naturally and by creative industry index, Uganda had key growth sectors as Agriculture, Film & Music, manufacturing, cultural institutions among others with the Ugandan agricultural sector possessing various products as Uganda coffee, Vanilla, Bugerere Pineapples, Nile Perch, Uganda Shea Butter etc that are unique to achieve a IP protection through appellation of origin, trademark registration by use of product technology, cross-licensing and forging alliances with other authorities. This directed our formation and appreciation of other IPproducts that if well harnessed will heighten the value of Uganda`s IP assets and thus increase returns to the local Ugandan people.

 In order to harness Uganda’s IP Asset portfolio, and to grow Uganda into a creative economy, IP Centre opted to position itself as a strategic driver for the Uganda development agenda by use of intellectual property rights as a vehicle for improved private sector development through developing the IP value capture strategies and models for all Ugandan innovators, and other creative industry players.

IP Centre Uganda

IP Centre works to align organizational IP assets to be able to assist the IP rights holders to achieve commercial value for their respective IP portfolio, we assist IP rights holders to innovate with IP aware approaches that will assist them reap maximum sustainable commercial value from their IP.


Our IP expert team works withal IP Rights holders to derive maximum value from their IP and the firm exists to create a paradigm shift in Uganda’s economy by rewarding innovation through support of enhanced Intellectual Property rights ownership, commercialization and enabling an environment that will assist Uganda to emerge as a force in knowledge sustainable economy.


We assist IP Rights holders to


  • Assist in identification, registration and enforcement of all IP Assets with relevant regulatory bodies;
  • Profile IP Assets, strategize for protection;
  • Offer awareness, capacity building and training on IP Rights.
  • IP Advocacy and opinions for small scale businesses & innovators
  • Copyright registrations, protection, enforcement, litigation and filing, licencing (soft licensing and hard licensing),
  • Traditional Knowledge – Valuation and commercialization for Ugandan TK holders, custodianship and profiling.


  • IP Asset Valuation for all IP Right holders


  • IP legal Aid and dispute resolution.


  • Trademark registration and monitoring


  • Patent Registration and profiling to fit purpose.


IP Centre Uganda works within Uganda and the region beyond.


We are here and are available to help you to protect, capture the value, grow your brand, improve your innovations by protecting your Trade mark, Patents, Copyrights, and advocacy for all your INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY from initial stage s of registration, enforcement and can aid you in litigation against infringement.


Our Impact Approach

IP Centre aspires to work with diverse stakeholders to deliver IP skills training for all IP rights holders and has a long term vision to sustain the achievements of IP Rights development in Uganda.

We engage Governments and other private sector innovators, innovation hubs, and sector specific groups to promote the awareness, adoption and appreciation of Intellectual Property Rights for Ugandan Creative sector.

Our Focus

IP Centre core focus is to design comprehensive IP Strategies and plans for the IP rights stakeholders to ensure there is no infringement on intellectual property rights, and also we aim to achieve commercial value for the IP rights holders through exclusive protection, promotion and preservation.

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